Ok, here’s a quick laugh for you.

Carson, my seven year old, had a nose bleed last night at about 2 A.M. (FYI…that’s not the funny part…). He came into our room to inform me that he had a nose bleed, it had stopped, and there wasn’t anything on his bed or pillow or in his room (this is still not the funny part…). I don’t know about you, but I don’t do well when I wake up in the middle of the night. I should, since I’ve been getting up nearly every night for 15 months (Cole), but I don’t. It makes me kind of confused, irritable, and unfiltered…sad, but true. Chad has told me things I’ve said or done when I’ve had to wake up suddenly, but I can’t say I believe him…haha.

What propelled my irritability was the fact that Carson had just left our bed a few hours earlier. We let him fall asleep there, because he “couldn’t sleep,” and Chad was going to put him back in his room. Well, our magical bed must not have done the trick, either. He tossed and turned and rolled and talked until I couldn’t take it anymore. He was upset, but I made him go to his bed. Daddy went with him and layed with him until he fell asleep. It was about midnight when they left, about 1 a.m. when Chad came back in bed, and 2 a.m., when Carson reappeared in our room (still not laughing? I wasn’t either…)

Anyway, I got up and walked Carson back to his room, checked his bed and told him everything was fine. I lifted up his covers and told him to hop in. He said, “But, Mom! I thought I could sleep in your bed, since I had a nosebleed and everything.” Of course we know that all nosebleeds are better when you sleep with your parents😊. Anyway, I really don’t think I said anything ugly. I remember lifting up his covers, pointing to him and pointing to his bed and saying, “Nope. Not tonight.” See, that wasn’t ugly, was it? I could have sworn I even gave him a quick back scratch (which he loves, I might add), before walking out of his room.

Well, in the morning, he came walking out of his room and stopped in front of me. He had this dejected look on his face and said, “Mom, you really hurt my feelings last night.”

I chuckled, “Why? Because I wouldn’t let you sleep in our bed?”

“Yes, Mom! I had a bad night.”

“I know, Buddy, but your nose had stopped bleeding and sleeping in our bed wasn’t going to help a nosebleed, anyway, right?”

Carson got this haughty look on his little face and kind of batted his eyes, “Well, I’m just going to tell you, Mom. When you left me in my bed and went to your room, I broke down.”

Hahahah! He broke down??!! Of course I started laughing, asking him where he had heard that. He informed me, without a smile, that he wasn’t sure where he’d heard it, but it was true, “I did, Mom. I just broke down.”

I sweetly informed him that I’m sorry he broke down, and that I’m glad he is better and quite put back together this morning.  I don’t think he appreciated my sarcasm, but it was all good, at least he didn’t break down😉.