A Light In Bailey’s Harbor

About the Book

Katy Kippling has an abundance of personality, or so she was told by a recent male acquaintance. Trying to conform to the etiquette of an 1880’s lady is difficult enough, without adding the challenges of having an abundance of personality. Katy loves the Cana Island Lighthouse, serving her small lakeside town in Bailey’s Harbor, Wisconsin. In the summer of 1880, the new lighthouse keeper arrives. While Katy imagines his stately captain’s beard and noble brow, Blake Strawberry, the new keeper, is quite the opposite. Blake is a young man searching for something to heal the pain and heartaches of his past. By moving west and accepting this new position, he plans to forget all of his painful memories and disappointments. What he hasn’t counted on is that the Lord’s voice can be heard just as clearly in Wisconsin as in Massachusetts. Throughout the story, another character, Horatio Spafford and his beloved hymn, “It Is Well With My Soul,” play integral roles in the characters’ lives. Will Blake surrender to the message of this song and allow it to change his life, as it has changed the lives of those he loves? Will Katy move beyond her tangible child-like faith, and trust that her Heavenly Father can truly make her soul well, even when she doesn’t understand His ways? And will Blake and Katy relinquish the control they have on their own lives, allowing the Lord to work in His time and in His perfect way-understanding that His ways are not always our ways.
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About The Author

Bethany Baker

Bethany Baker is a Language Arts teacher for grades four through six at Burge Terrace Christian School. She is also the mom of two ornery little boys who keep her busy with many dirty, silly, and wonderful antics. She is also the wife of a wonderful husband, whose voice of reason keeps her imaginative ideas needfully tethered…well, most of the time. Recently, Bethany has signed a contract with Mantle Rock Publishing to publish her first novel, A Light in Bailey’s Harbor, set in Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Michigan. The book released in October 2015. The verse that has kept Bethany grounded through the many hurdles in her life: miscarriages, having a child with a cleft lip and palate, learning how to jump the endless hurdles of the publishing world, etc. is Psalm 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God.” He is faithful. Not on our time-table. Not the way we think it should be solved. But He is God, and He is faithful.