I thought this was an interesting and fun idea. I was made aware of it by some other authors and thought I’d jump on the band wagon.

Of course, I can’t honestly say I will be able to post every day. I’m finding out that potty training my two year old and homeschooling my seven year old are two things that just don’t work well together.

“Yes, Carson, Homer wrote about the Trojan War…Cole, do you have to peepee in the potty?…No, Carson I know you just went to the restroom. I was talking to Cole….Yes, the Trojan War was about all the guys hiding in the horse…No, Cole! Don’t empty the potty chair!…” Multiply these interruptions by maybe, hundreds?

Let’s just say today was a very long school day.

So, when I respond to the ‘Author Life Month’ questions, I’ll be grouping the days together. This will also save your Inbox from filling up, not that you mind, of course.

Without further adieu, Days #1-3:

Day #1 – My novel

onsale2.jpgIf you are interested in purchasing or reviewing a copy of my novel, please click the picture above.

Day #2 – First Person Who Inspired Me to be an Author

This was supposed to be my author photo, but I liked the idea another author had. I wanted to share a photo of the person who first inspired me to be an author. My mother, Vicki Lawson.


Though I often had ‘too many words’ (as I put it, when I was 4), my mom never swept them aside. Instead, she brushed each word into her hand, like a tiny grain of sand, and bottled them for another day. And when Mom knew I was ready, she uncorked the bottle and slowly poured it out in front of me, spilling the grains of sand–the countless words. “Now,” she encouraged. “Use these to build something amazing. Write, Bethany.”

And I did.

Thanks, Mom.

Day #3 – My Last 5-Star Read

Does Mickey’s Tractor or Farmer Boy qualify as a 5-star read? It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to read for just pure pleasure, but I do have two ‘big people’ books that I would recommend.

Dawn Crandall’s The Everstone Chronicles


I’ve only read The Hesitant Heiress, so far. It was very compelling, and I loved her style of writing. Click on the picture above and check out Dawn Crandall.

Here’s the other book. Although it’s more of a Bible study, it’s such a wonderfully written study. I’ve been through it once and am going through it again. All but one of the women in this study are in the line of Christ. It’s such a wonderful reminder that God can use anyone to accomplish his will.


Stay tuned for more fun facts as the month goes on.