Table Talk Tuesday-Fun with the Moon

This was a simple idea I used when I taught 3rd grade at Cornerstone Academy.

Carson and I are studying the moon in Science, using Apologia Science, which I am falling in love with. They tie the Bible in with science so flawlessly, and they explain it on Carson’s level, even giving ways to refute Evolution and prove Creationism. Love it.

So, we have done various activities with the moon–modeling a lunar eclipse, finding our weight on the moon, charting the phases of the moon, and even measured how high Carson could jump on the moon (the formula is: 6xs however high you can jump). But I decided we needed something edible! So, we created the Edible phases of the moon😊.


All you need: 4 Oreos, a butter knife, a picture of the phases, and a plate (and apparently, a whole bunch of other junk on the counter…excuse my mess.)

You will end up with 8 cookie circles (obvious, I guess). The neat thing is that as you cut one phase, the opposite phase is formed from what’s left. For example: When you cut the Waxing Crescent, what’s left is the Waxing Gibbous. When you cut the First Quarter moon, what’s left is the Third Quarter, etc (see chart below).


The only thing you have to do is be careful when transferring the part you cut to the other half of the cookie. We ripped one of the moons, but were able to just smoosh it back together and form it again.


Of course they aren’t perfect, but they were cut by Carson, molded by Carson, arranged by Carson, and will be remembered by Carson. As I mentioned in another post, he is a very kinesthetic and visual learner. He remembers by doing and seeing.

Now, let me end with a question…

What do you think? Is the best part about this project getting to eat the Oreos, or…


…watching Cole give use his own phase of the ‘moon?’ (So sorry, I just couldn’t resist!!! This just cracked me up…no pun intended.)


Hope you all have a wonderful Toosh-day, I mean Tuesday. (Please don’t be offended. It’s too cute, not to laugh).


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