There’s a signed copy of A Light in Bailey’s Harbor sitting near me, just begging for hands to hold and read it. Today begins the first day of a week long giveaway! Each day I will write a post on Facebook, giving you ways to get your name ‘in the hat.’

Throughout the week I will ask you to do simple tasks. These may included sharing, posting or commenting on Facebook or on this blog. I will also be asking questions, based on some of the history I’ve shared on my blog about the residents of Bailey’s Harbor. The more tasks you complete or the more correct answers you receive to the questions I ask, the more times your name gets added and the better your chances of winning!

So, here we go!

Task#1- Share this post on Facebook (See? Simple, right?).

What to do:

  1. Go to my Bethany Baker, Author page and share the post that includes this blog link “Sneak Peek Saturday – Giveaway Time!” click here
  2. Click ‘Share’.
  3. Comment under this same original post: “Shared.”

That’s it! All who have shared it and commented “shared” under this original post, will be entered to win a signed copy of my novel.

Each day I’ll be tallying up names and votes. Next Saturday, at 8 a.m., I’ll reveal the winner. So, brush up on your history and don’t forget to keep a watch out for my giveaway posts!

Have a great weekend!