Here’s a glimpse of some of the characters from A Light in Bailey’s Harbor who were actual residents of the town in 1880, the time period in which my novel is set.

The Brann brothers – Johann, Andrew, William and August

Andrew Brann- owner of the hardware store in Bailey's Harbor
Andrew Brann- owner of the hardware store in Bailey’s Harbor

These four brothers were sailors from Finland who became shipwrecked near Door County, Wisconsin, in 1877. They were directed to the Bailey’s Harbor area, where the lumber business was at its height. They later became prominent citizens: Johann became a sea captain; Andrew owned the hardware store and was a loud, boisterous man; August owned the general store and a fleet of lake schooners used to ship goods to and from the Harbor; William was part owner in the general store and trained, owned and traded horses.


This is a mural of the Brann Bros. Store, painted by a local artist in Door County (the county in which Bailey’s Harbor is located). It is painted on the side of the building that stands where the original Brann Bros. Store Was located. Sadly, the old store was destroyed by a fire in 1928.

In my novel this store becomes an unfortunate meeting place for Blake and Katy–a place where a chain reaction of accidents ultimately leads Katy to discover (in a rather embarrassing way) Blake’s profession. In the next picture below, you can see the Cana Island Lighthouse.


The story line is made richer with the addition of actual Bailey’s Harbor residents in the 1800s. When I look at the pictures of Andrew Brann and the Brann Brothers’ store, I see the characters in my novel and hear their conversations in and around that store.

I hope these background stories will also help enrich your reading of A Light in Bailey’s Harbor. If you’d like to order a copy, please click here.

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