So, I just had to share a little bit about the roller coaster ride I’ve been on these past few days. It’s amazing how horrible I am when under stress. It’s as if all of my faculties just freeze and nothing works as it should.

I went from a celebrating-the-publication-of my-book dinner with Chad on Wednesday, to getting a phone call on Thursday that there were pages of my book that were all garbled up and illegible. Talk about letting the air out of my balloon. I felt completely deflated and frustrated. Nothing is ever easy in this crazy life.

Feeling so upset about the whole thing, I did the only rational thing I could think of. I grabbed my son’s Trunk or Treat candy from church and started digging in. This ought to teach that printing company a lesson. Just wait until I can’t fit into my jeans. That will teach ’em! I’d definitely be good material for the next season of Biggest Loser.

Enter the next batch of rain on my little parade… My seven year old informed me that he was wearing underwear from way back in the back of his drawer and that it was so tight he thought his legs were falling asleep. I realized that, against my better judgment, I needed to dig out from the mountain of empty candy wrappers and go do some laundry.

And now the rain intensified into a hurricane. I grabbed the heavy laundry bag, but the bag was so heavy, and I was tugging so hard, that when my hand slipped off I actually punched myself right in the mouth. Yep, I did. I’m telling you, I heard a crack, my lip started bleeding, and my lip swelled to golf-ball size. I wanted to cry but I was too embarrassed to tell anyone yet. How do these things happen? I still have a mark (probably a scar) under my eye from a month earlier when I gouged it on the corner of the cabinet door while trying to sling it shut to keep my crazy 18 month old out of the cookies. And now this? Really?

This called for another mini Twix bar, of course. ‘Mini’ candy bars are of the devil. I think I’m somehow cancelling out the ‘mini,’ after eating fifteen of them. I began to realize the ‘mini’ label really means ‘many.’

Anyway, after a day of garbled novels, nineteen ‘mini’ candy bars, and a fat lip, I decided to pray about this whole situation. I know, I know, I did things a little bit backwards, which is probably why I was in a depressed Biggest Loser state of mind.

I began to read the scripture that Mama (my grandmother) would always quote to us, as kids, John 21:22: “And Jesus said unto His disciples…What is that to thee. Follow thou me.”

A little unspiritual, but somehow this made me think of a line in Aladdin, “Are you feeling a little ‘sheepish?’ You ‘baaaad’ boy?” Yes, I was. I felt ashamed that I was letting my circumstances make me doubt that the Lord could take care of everything. As I had just mentioned in last Saturday’s post, if I know the Lord led me to start writing this book, He will help it come to completion. Oh how quickly we forget what the Lord has done. As I had written in another one of my posts, “I am one of the children of Israel.” The Lord could have just performed wonderful miracles before my eyes, but I had let a few bad circumstances send me into the depths of despair (and the depths of chocolate).

So I’ve made a resolution. Let the fat lips come! I am going to take it like a champ…or at least with the Lord’s help, I’m going to give it a try.

(Update: If you didn’t see my post on Friday, my book is back up on Amazon! Everything should be fine now! Hope it didn’t cause too many people problems. Thanks so much for everyone’s support! Once again, I need to just trust the Lord!)

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