So, we had just begun our history lesson about King Saul and David. We had just finished discussing the Zhou Dynasty in China, and true to the exciting way our Mystery of History connects the Bible with what is going on in the rest of the world, we learned that King Saul became king in Israel at the same time. (Again, can’t help but point out how cool I think it is to connect these historical happenings.)

There were vocabulary-type words to begin the study. Some examples were: handsome, musical, commander of army, anointed, tall, prideful, madness, and committed suicide (there were more, but I can’t recall them all). Carson was supposed to identify which words he predicted would match David and which would match Saul.

He had no problems matching them up, until he got to the word ‘suicide.’ He said he thought it should go with Saul. I told him he was right, but then realized that he didn’t know what the word meant.

Me: “Carson, do you know what it means to commit suicide?”

Carson (thinking very seriously): “Not really, but I think it has something to do with going the restroom (he went on to explain the various types of going to the restroom).”

At first I thought he was being silly, but then I could tell by his face that he was serious.

Me: “I’m not sure I understand your definition. So, you think ‘committed suicide’ means that Saul used the restroom?”

Carson: “Well, I know the beginning of that word (suicide) means going number #1 or #2. Maybe he did it outside. Like out a window?”

I’m about to choke, trying not to crack up laughing. I know there has to be a connection somewhere, for him to think this. After a minute of hearing him explain further, it hit me. We had just been to the Tennessee Valley Fair and we had talked about how much we all hated the porta potties. I had made some comment about the smell of ‘raw sewage’ and had to explain to Carson what that was.

This was his connection.

He heard ‘suicide,’ which in his mind was ‘sewage outside.’ So, naturally King Saul committed sewage outside, and Carson decided King Saul must have committed it out the window.

I lost my composure at that point. We’ve all had a good laugh about this one, poor guy. Never a dull moment in our home school day!

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