Table Talk Tuesday-Egyptian History

Have I mentioned that We love our History curriculum, The Mystery of History?


(If you are familiar with Story of the World, it’s very similar, but Story of the World doesn’t start until 3rd grade, that’s why we are using this curriculum for 1st and 2nd.)

We finished our ancient Egypt unit and our tomb drawings😊.


We learned about King Tut and his family. Carson drew their murals.



Carson also learned the archeologists’ first step in breaking the code of Heiroglyphics, deciphering the names of the pharaohs inside of the oval-type shapes, called cartouches.


We collected the “reeds” for his Egyptian boat. He was very happy that it actually floated😊.


I love this curriculum, because it weaves world history right along with Biblical history, showing the children how seamless the two truly are. After all, why do we study history? We study history so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Above all, I pray Carson learns this. I believe it would change his life.

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