If your kids are like mine, they have a very unique way of keeping you humble. You know how it is. You plan a birthday party. You buy the cute little decorations, the cake, the must-have party favors and treat bags. You even tap into the party goddess bloggers who post the highlights of their perfect little parties on Pinterest, and you count yourself blessed if you can recreate just one tiny aspect of their Utopian ideas. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones where all the kids’ outfits at the party somehow coordinate and every scene of the party could rival a Norman Rockwell painting? But anyway, I digress…

The point is, what did your child like best from the party of the century? Huh? Huh? Well, mine said he liked playing with his friends on his playground (which he’s had for 3 years). Hmmm, it wasn’t the 16 wings I cut out out and attached to long skinny Kool-Aid juices to make them look like planes?


Or the 32 marshmallows I bagged and labeled with “Fluffy Candy Clouds?” Really? Really?

Anyway, they sure do keep you humbled. And boy did my oldest have a revelation that knocked me down a few hundred notches. We have been studying ancient times in History.

Side note…I absolutely love the History curriculum we are using. It’s Mystery of History, and they do a perfect job of weaving the Bible and History together. It really makes you view the Bible characters and the characters in ancient history as acquaintances, living in the same towns, rather than separating all that is in the Bible from History.  It has made history come alive for Carson! So, Mystery of History for 1st and 2nd and Story of the World (don’t get me started on how wonderful it is!) for 3rd and up.

Ok, commercial over. In studying ancient Egypt, we were learning about Akhenaten, the Pharoah who commanded all of Egypt to worship one god (the sun) and who had a daughter who became King Tut’s wife. Well, we were studying the artwork on the tombs and how the pictures of Akhenaten’s daughters have these huge elongated heads (guess they think it was some hereditary disease).


Isn’t she lovely? You better have said yes, and I’ll tell you why. My son had a wonderful revelation when he saw these pictures. He looked at me and said, “Mom! They have heads just like you do with the way your hair is! That’s soo cool!”

Uh, can we say I just feasted on a rather large piece of humble pie? I’ve never loved my profile anyway (guess most people don’t), but now I think I’ll never turn sideways around anyone again! Eye contact. Maintain eye contact with everyone at all times! Haha!

I hesitated to put this picture on here, but the idea that he drew the comparison between the two of us was just too hilarious to me! I had to let you make the decision for yourself…but don’t you dare agree with Carson!


I can’t stop laughing. Here I am. From now on I shall be called Bethany, daughter of Akhenaten, big-headed mom of Carson. Yep, I’m humbled alright☺️.