I was searching around in more boxes from our move and found my original manuscript from when i was 16! Thankfully, we now have Auto Correct and Spell Check, shoo! I also found the first typed version. Anyone remember the printers that used that perforated paper with the holes down both sides, the ones where you had to crank the paper out?image The edges are ripped off, and the pages are about to come apart at the perforations, but it’s legible.

Funny how far technology has come in so short amount of time. Right now, I’m typing this on my iPad, but in 1996, at 16, an iPad would have been only something I’d seen on a The Jetson’s. Amazing, really.

It was interesting to read the way my manuscript morphed into the finished work. You can hear  my 16 year old lingo in the original, my use of twentieth century language like “ok” and “wow,” etc.

I also found a letter written by Christian Fiction author, Andrea Boeshaar, critiquing my original manuscript. Without knowing, my best friend, Alicia, had sent her my manuscript to get her thoughts on my writing, since her family was friends with the Boeshaars. I have to sincerely thank both my friend and Andrea Boeshaar for encouraging me–telling me this could be more than a dream, it could be a novel.

So here’s a sneak peek at the back cover of my novel, The Light in Bailey’s Harbor and also a snippet from the first chapter–a tiny glimpse of the night the new lighthouse keeper battles the historic storm, The Alpina Gale:

Back Cover-

Katy Kippling has an abundance of personality, or so she was told by a recent male
acquaintance. Trying to conform to the etiquette of an 1880’s lady is difficult enough without
adding the challenges of having an abundance of personality.

Katy loves the Cana Island Lighthouse, serving her small lakeside town in Bailey’s
Harbor, Wisconsin. In the summer of 1880, the new lighthouse keeper arrives. While Katy
imagines his stately captain’s beard and noble brow, Blake Strawberry, the new keeper, is quite the opposite.

Blake is a young man searching for something to heal the pain and heartaches of his past.
By moving west and accepting this new position, he plans to forget all of his painful memories
and disappointments. What he hasn’t counted on is that the Lord’s voice can be heard just as
clearly in Wisconsin as in Massachusetts.

Throughout the story, another character, Horatio Spafford and his beloved hymn, “It Is
Well With My Soul,” play integral roles in the characters’ lives. Will Blake surrender to the
message of this song and allow it to change his life, as it has changed the lives of those he loves?
Will Katy move beyond her tangible child-like faith, and trust that her Heavenly Father can truly
make her soul well, even when she doesn’t understand His ways? And will Blake and Katy
relinquish the control they have on their own lives, allowing the Lord to work in His time and in
His perfect way-understanding that His ways are not always our ways.

Glimpse of Chapter 1-

The splintering of the tall pine cracked through the night like a gunshot. The
thunder continued to roll and the lightning was relentless. The keeper took the lighthouse
stairs by twos, but even then, the102 spiraling stairs seemed endless. The Milwaukee
cream brick walls of the lighthouse were groaning. He reached the top just as one of the
windows burst under the pressure of the wind. Pieces of glass blew through the opening
that led to the lantern deck. At the same time, the tower went black. The light had been

Dum, dum, dum…haha. Stay tuned for more!

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