Table-Talk Tuesdays–Conversations with my Boys

I’ve always felt that the dinner table is a microcosm of the world–a place to give and receive ideas, to take criticism, to learn how to converse, to look in each other’s eyes and to also lend a listening ear.  I’m not saying we are always talking and taking the time we should at the table, but I cherish the moments when we can.

So, for Table-Talk Tuesday, I thought I’d share a bit of the crazy conversations that ensue around our house.  I could fill post after post with just Carson-isms, much less the crazy antics of my little Bam-Bam, Cole, but I’ll try to boil it down to just a couple, once a week.


The month of July is Cleft Lip Awareness Month, so I just had to share our latest cleft lip conversation with my son, Carson.  Last week, we were sitting around the dinner table and the topic of Carson’s cleft lip surgery came up.  Chad and I were telling him about his “No-Nos,” the arm braces he had to wear so that he couldn’t bend his arms and scratch or hurt his little healing lip and nose.

Carson: How did the doctors get my lip to stay together?

Me: They used stitches to join it together, and they actually used super glue on the outside.

Carson: For real?! They used real super glue?!

Me: Yep, amazing, huh?  (After the Lego movie, Carson is all about Krazy Glue…aka Kragle)

It was then that Chad, my husband, made a comment to me, and I turned away from Carson.  We were talking a few minutes when I noticed in my peripheral vision Carson doing something out of the ordinary.  He was gritting his teeth in determination while stretching his top lip with both hands.

Me: (It freaked me out! I yelled! ) Quit!  What in the world are you doing?!

Carson: (calm and matter-of-fact) Yep, that sure is SOME super glue, Mom.  Didn’t even budge.

Chad and I lost it.  We were cracking up.  I was half crying, half laughing, half feeling weak like a noodle, thinking about him doing anything to split his lip (that’s a little too many “halves” I guess, oh well).

Carson: Well Mom, I had to make sure.  It’s good.  No worries.

Sigh…I still feel weak when I think about him yanking on his lip, but really, I’m glad it’s such a “cool” idea to him.  I’m glad it’s common talk.  I’m glad it’s not a moot, hush-hush topic.  It shouldn’t be.  It’s who he is. That strong scar is a testament to the skilled surgeons who were gifted by the Lord to help our son, and Carson’s strength of character is a testament to the friends and family who were gifted by the Lord to love, support, and encourage him.  Thank you, thank you, Lord…

And that’s Table Talk, Tuesday.

What happened after the first sweet little picture.

What really happens at the table…

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