It’s been a couple of months, since my last post…oops!  Things have been crazy around our house–crazy, but exciting!

Our second child was born on May 12th–Cole Lawson Baker.


As all of you who have had babies know, time seems to stop for a while.  The life of a zombie isn’t far fetched or ridiculous, because, in fact, you have become one.  You are the walking dead–somehow managing to resurrect from your bed 3 or 4 times a night and meet the needs of the newest little human who now shares your  last name.  Amazing, isn’t it, how you have on-the-job training and “go-to” people for nearly every job in America, but you can leave the hospital with a helpless, wordless (notice I didn’t say ‘mute’), suck-you-dry-of-every-last-ounce-of-energy infant, and they just say, “Good Luck!”

Thankfully, these little bundles do have redeeming qualities–special “firsts” that touch you so deeply that your eyes leak. 🙂

This summer has been a summer of firsts for, not only little Cole, but for our entire family.  So, in celebration of all its wonders…

Here’s to the “Firsts” of a Baker Summer!

Firsts for Cole:


-first time on the tractor

-discovering the wonderful world of ceiling fans!!

-family campfire

DSCN0503  DSCN0493

-sleeping 6 hours straight! (Tip for other moms: Cole loves his contoured changing table pad to sleep on. Slap a fresh cover on it when he sleeps and Voila (‘Whalla,’ for those of you from my neck of the woods)! The contour makes him feel secure, or at least that’s what I’m attributing it to.

-and just yesterday, Cole became friends with the wind–he smiles and nearly laughs when it tickles his little cheeks. Oh, the joy on his face. Makes me slow down and appreciate the hidden, and over-looked, wonders of our world and our Creator.

Firsts for Carson:
-being Big Brother!!!

-experiencing tears of joy resulting from loving his little brother and his little brother loving him.


-picking his first home-grown tomato (with Mimaw’s help)

DSCN0403  DSCN0406

-reading  a book to his brother


-being a kindergarten grad!


-catching a bass all by himself


-flying on an Alaskan float plane

10552617_10152267834507106_6991180408784828743_n  10450154_10152267842042106_8735787248709235710_n
-and my favorite, playing his harmonica up high in the silver maple tree (sounded like summertime with little Jim Bob Walton).


For my husband and me:

-celebrating 11 years of marriage.


-saying “our sons-” plural 🙂

– being homeless…haha.  (We sold our house a year ago and have been living in  my parents’ house–my parents, who are wonderful, of course!)

-purchasing a home with a mountain view (if we make it to the closing in August)!

I’m reminded, of an excerpt from the play, Our Town, emphasizing how intentional we must be with our time together, “Let’s really look at one another…It goes so fast…Does anyone ever realize life while they live it…every, every minute? Choose the least important day in your life. [One day, soon] It will be important enough.”

Stop now and think of 5 ‘firsts’ you’ve had with your family this summer.  If you can’t think of 5, it’s not too late.  Summer isn’t over, yet, so enjoy ‘every, every minute’ of it.