We had to improvise. I was really surprised that there wasn’t more in the stores (since I procrastinated..heehee). But the boys didn’t care!

DSC07050My attempt at an aircraft carrier cake.

DSC07053Kool-aid airplane drinks and marshmallow clouds!

I just cut the cardboard drink carrier things they came in, to make the wings for the planes. Carson thought these were so cool, with the propellers on the ends. Made the labels myself. Pulled the clipart from the Internet.




Carson’s Airfield

We used this for the boys as they were arriving to the party.  It worked so much better than I thought.  They loved it, and it kept them busy until everyone showed up.  And, again, it was cheap!  Dollar Tree black poster board and a white crayon.  Carson already have the planes.

           DSC07059                                 DSC07060Sweetest little boys–especially that one in the blue.  I can’t believe he’s 6!

Art Time…

We did a step-by-step drawing of Dusty Crophopper on canvases.  They were only $1.69 at Ollie’s.  I loved seeing all of the different artistic abilities of the boys.  They were very serious and very proud of their finished products!  The best thing about these is that they can take them home and keep them forever!




Playtime in the back yard!







I realized that, despite my efforts and their obvious excitement with all we did at the party, they would have been just as satisfied and excited if we had done nothing else, but play outside with each other.

Made me remember the important things–friendship and making memories.  It’s not the presentation or the planning.  Even though it sounds cliche, it truly is just being together.  I’m so thankful I’ve had 6 years to ‘be together’ with my little buddy, Carson.