Carson with his buddy, Tickles, and the scroll he brought from Santa.
The first morning that Tickles arrived! Having a party with his buddy, Doggie.

Ok, so (no offense to the Elf on the Shelf lovers) I’ve always been creeped out by the elf and his creepy face.  But when Carson and I went to Build a Bear, using a gift card from a friend, I got an idea!  Tickles (as Carson had named him) would take on the same qualities as the Elf on the Shelf.  The first morning he appeared, he had a special scroll from Santa’s top elf, explaining his special mission.

Magic Christmas Tickles-Letter from Santa

A difference between him and the elf is that Carson could touch and play with Tickles during the day.  But at night, before he went to sleep, he would put Tickles’ Santa hat on to prepare him for his North Pole journey.

Although Carson enjoyed waking up every morning to find Tickles doing something silly, I think I had more fun setting it all up!  This year, though, I’ve decided to shorten Tickles’ adventures a little.  I won’t start until the 12th of December.  When I’m teaching, it’s a little easier to set up 12 days, rather than 24.  Also, check out my page explaining what we are doing this year for Carson’s Giving and Receiving advent calendar.

Putting together some of Carson’s Lego sets.


DSC05730(Suran Wrap on the seat) Tickles got a little silly in the restroom 🙂
Camp out with his buddies.
Camp out with his buddies.


DSC05748My favorite! Tickles drawing faces on our family pictures with an Expo marker.

DSC05749 DSC05751

DSC05756A little thirsty during the night.
Making hot chocolate (or, really a mess).
DSC05802Preparing to take flight on the fan.
DSC05807Tried to decorate his own tree.
DSC05808A little sleepy. Emptied the p.j. drawer.
DSC05810Race between Tickles and Doggie–Buzz and Woody driving.

DSC05818 DSC05824

DSC05829Making cupcakes
DSC05833Taking Bear for a ride downstairs on the tractor.
DSC05835Pirate Tickles!


DSC05849A little sweet tooth…
DSC05852Carson was into Egypt, so he cracked up at Mummy Tickles and his pyramid.
DSC05857Making a snowman


DSC05874Tickles was in the middle of drawing a truck with him driving.
DSC05875Carson finishing the picture.
DSC05884Got into the Post-It-Notes. Put Carson and Tickles initials on the wall above his bed.
Christmas morning–Carson found Tickles in the basement hooking up his new battery to his four wheeler!!