Pilgrim Carson with Pawpaw Baker and cousin Max.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, to say the least.  My 5 year old decided to get in a war with a rope, a hill, and a concrete driveway– the driveway won of course; we had to replace a fuel pump, battery, and brake line in my husband’s truck; and after 13 weeks of morning sickness, I was actually able to once again use my favorite Bath and Body Works lotion without feeling nauseated (sounds like a good thing, right?  Well…)  Wrapped up in the excitement of smelling Be Enchanted, I wasn’t ready for the “magic” of a stomach flu to appear.  Never thought I would beg for my morning sickness to return!  Anyway…the bad comes in threes, right?  Well, thankfully, so does the comical.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I chose to look on the bright side and find 3 things to smile about.  I can’t go so far as to be thankful for all three, but “a cheerful heart doeth good like a medicine.”  Laughing is the next best thing.

Of Coal…


Carson went with his daddy to visit Santa at Bass Pro on Wednesday.  After school, he shared with me all of the things he asked Santa for.  He was especially excited about one request, “And, Mom, with my bulldozer, I decided I really, really want some coal!  I need lots and lots of coal to pile up and push around.  That’s what I really need, Mom!”  So…the whole naughty list and coal-in-your-stocking threat  won’t really pan out for us this year.

Of Cows…

My husband would probably not put this anywhere near his thankful or comical list, but I can’t help cracking up every time I think of it.  He had just finished putting up a tree stand, when he returned to his truck to find the cows in the field surrounding it.  He tried to shoo them away, and finally succeeded with all except  one.  Despite all his efforts, it stood directly in front of his truck, unmovable.  He decided to get in his truck and begin slowly moving forward.  Ol’ Ferdinand  barely moved, creeping along in front of the truck.  When Chad tried to increase the speed a little, the cow was not amused.  It had had enough of this intruder.  It began to buck like a rodeo bull, snorting and ramming its back hooves into the front of my husband’s truck.  Honking and yelling did no good.  When this hunk of jerky was finished, it casually walked back to the field, leaving several hoof-shaped dents imprinted in my husband’s Z71…and that’s no bull (heehee, couldn’t resist).

Of Captain Hook…


Last night, Carson and I were taking our seats at our school’s fall play, Peter Pan, while discussing what the word enchanted meant.  Carson decided it meant evil and scary, but I thought of it more as magical, whimsical and imaginative.  As we began to watch the play, all of the definitions of the word came to life in front of our eyes as the students leaped out  the nursery window  like the Darling children, flitted like Tinker Bell, crowed like Peter and threatened the Lost Boys like Old Captain Hook.  Little did I know that my 5 year old would be the most enchanting part of the play.  During a scene with Peter and Tink, movement caught my eye. I saw Carson hitting himself on the top of his head with one of the play programs. The students had rubbed each one with glitter, such a nice touch! At first, I started to reprimand him, but then noticed the shimmer of glitter  as it sifted down over his  head–his face upturned and his eyes squinched shut. He looked at me with two dark eyes and whispered, “Pixie dust, Mommy.  I need to fly!” Enchanting–simply enchanting.

And so, Happy Thanksgiving, and happy hunting for the small, funny moments that make life…enchanting.