I had to share what a wonderful job my little 3rd graders did on their newspaper projects.  As we read Charlotte’s Web this year, we created a newspaper from the farm animals’ points of view.  The students voted to title it The Zuckerman Farm News.  After reading each chapter, we wrote an article based on what was going on in the chapter.  For example, in chapter 1, Wilbur is born.  My students wrote a birth announcement for Wilbur, giving his description, weight, color, etc.

Over the course of reading all 22 chapters, we wrote classified ads, announcements, letters to the editor, poems, drew comics, and sadly, wrote Charlotte’s obituary.

Here’s a peek at some of the articles they wrote.

Wilbur’s Birth Announcement
Classified ad, selling Wilbur's old house at the Arable farm.
Classified ad selling Wilbur’s old house at the Arable farm.
Sport's Article
Sports Article
Classified Ad
Classified Ad
Announcement -  Farm Animal Meeting
Announcement –
Farm Animal Meeting
Letter to the Editor- from Wilbur
Letter to the Editor
from Wilbur
Charlotte's Obituary
Charlotte’s Obituary
The finished product!

After each student finished adding his or her article, I copied them and we gave them out in our school—just in time for our annual school-wide County Fair (celebrating the completion of our novel).

I couldn’t have been more proud of my students and the way they worked so hard to create exemplary work.  My 3rd graders truly are “T-double E-double R-double R-double I…”–well, you get the idea!  (For those of you who are non-Charlotte’s Web readers, that’s the way to spell Terrific, in Goose terms.)